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DieselTrakkerTM is a Web-based database application and reporting service offered to importers, refiners, blending facility operators, terminal operators or logistics professionals who are responsible for diesel and distillate products. The software is designed to assist in complying with required U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations for distillate fuels transactions in the refining, pipeline, trucking, rail, and marine industries.

Key Features

  • Collects, stores and organizes EPA compliance data
  • Tracks all MVNRLM (Motor Vehicle NonRoad Locomotive and Marine) diesel
  • Performs the required EPA calculations
  • Creates EPA-required reports for all ultra-low sulfur diesel (ULSD), NMLM, biodiesel and other distillates
  • Creates both MV and NRLM reports
  • Creates managerial reports for compliance status
  • Offers individual client databases for complete data separation and can import transaction data in a flat file format

EPA Compliance Reporting

  • Overhead for Facility Level Reports, OH-DSF02 Overhead for Entity Level Reports (OH-DSE01)
  • Diesel Credit Banking and Generation (DSF0100)
  • Diesel Fuel Credit Transfer (DSF0200)
  • Diesel Credit Sulfur Facility Summary (DSF0300)
  • Diesel Fuel Sulfur Batch Report (DSF0401)
  • Designate and Handoff Report (DSF0501)
  • Designate and Track Total Volume Report (DSF0600)
  • Designate and Track Facility Compliance Calculation Report (DSF0700)

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