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Advisian Downstream & Market Services develops and provides several software applications, databases, and reporting tools for the refining, pipeline, trucking, rail, and marine industries. Several of these applications assist clients in meeting regulatory compliance requirements. Products available include:

PACE-CTR® - Provides refiners, oxygenate blenders, and importers with data needed to determine compliance with the 1990 Clean Air Act Amendment, the California Clean Fuels Phase II and III, Tier II sulfur, MSAT and ULSD requirements. PACE-CTR® contains the simple, complex Phase I and II models as defined by the EPA. PACE-CTR® is scalable, operating on desktops or residing in a client-server configuration with a central database. Login here to access the PACE-CTR® database.(Password Required)

Advisian Olefins Database - This database is a client/server application for tracking and reporting U.S. steam cracker operations, feedstock demands, olefins pricing, manufacturing costs, and supply/demand balances. Output from steam cracker operations can be broadly summarized by region or detailed to include "unit by unit" operations. Survey information from our subscription service, The Hodson Report, is updated monthly, as well as previous months' revisions. This database includes monthly data on all U.S. steam crackers, from January 1988 to the present. Login here to access the Advisian Olefins database.(Password Required)

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