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The energy and utilities industries have seen tremendous change and volatility over the last 25 years in many areas such as pricing, regulatory and legislative mandates, large consolidation of its members, an aging infrastructure, a diminishing labor pool and global economic impacts. Jacobs Consultancy's Utilities Consulting Practice aids electric, gas and water utility clients with value-enhancing organizational and business strategy development, economic analysis, and technical consulting services. Our experienced consultants can help you plan, forecast, expand, diversify, reduce costs, outsource, and, most of all, thrive in a difficult business environment.

Our clients include:

  • Gas transmission companies
  • Gas distribution companies
  • Project developers – both gas and electric
  • Electric transmission companies
  • Electric distribution companies
  • State regulatory commissions
  • Municipalities
  • Financial institutions
  • Legal firms
  • Trade associations
  • Foreign governments and state-controlled energy firms

For the industrial-based owners, we make recommendations to help lower your operational costs by reducing energy expenses while maximizing asset efficiency. Additionally, we work closely with the public sector/government clients to define energy-related policies through supporting studies based on actual industry experience.

Our advice is based on best practices gleaned from real project and operations experience, and is independent of supplier influence — providing you with practical, unbiased, cost-saving process solutions.

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