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Market Studies [up]

Within the Petroleum, Chemicals & Energy Practice, our market assessment services are based on a consistent, integrated analysis of energy, the economy, supply/demand, and prices. Virtually every project assignment involves preparation of a supply/demand balance, whether it includes individual products analysis, market entry assessments, refinery optimizations or alternate feedstock evaluations.

During the past five years we have completed more than 100 projects dealing specifically with forecasting supply/demand/pricing trends for a particular product or combination of raw materials and products. These projects have included:

  • Oil and GasCrude oil
  • All refined products, including asphalt and lube oils
  • Primary petrochemicals or petrochemical derivatives
  • Bitumen and synthetic crude oils and fuels
  • Natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG)
  • Ammonia, urea, and methanol
  • Refinery upgrading requirements to meet changed product demands

Our Approach

Specific competitive studies have been completed and market strategies have been developed for clients in the petrochemicals, refining, manufacturing, synthetic fuels, forestry and paper products, food processing and packaging, utility and power, and engineering/construction industries.

To provide recommendations for a particular product or market segment, we:

  • Develop product demands consistent with economic activity and the products' intercompetition
  • Examine the requirements for product supply
  • Develop product differentials
  • Develop historical product profitability
  • Devise marketing schemes and characterize the general strengths and weaknesses of each
  • Perform scenario planning with risk-adjusted forecasts
  • Identify and provide detailed profiles of existing product marketers and assess the capabilities and fit of these marketers with each of the proposed marketing schemes
  Market Studies

In addition to our confidential client projects, we have prepared forecasts on a global, regional, and local level as part of our subscription studies. Past studies have included:

 Jacobs Consultancy Refining Outlook
  • Petrochemical Service
  • Outlook for Refining: A Global Analysis
  • California Refining
  • Outlook for Distillates
  • Residual Fuel Profitability
  • Gasoline without MTBE: How Will You Cope?
  Refining Outlook

Our forecasts have been an integral part of our refinery and petrochemicals-oriented projects for more than 40 years.

Independent Technical/Market Consulting [up]

Jacobs Consultancy's Petroleum, Chemicals & Energy practice provides Independent Technical Consultant (ITC) and Independent Market Consultant (IMC) services on projects for developers, financial institutions, utilities, equity participants, law firms, and public agencies. Our standing as a pre-eminent ITC/IMC firm is derived from years of building and maintaining teams of industrial experts who possess exceptional experience and wide technical and business knowledge.


We provide a complete range of ITC/IMC services:

  • Project viability assessment and bankable reports
  • Construction oversight
  • Acceptance, testing, and startup
  • Quarterly and annual operations and maintenance reporting
  Technical Studies

For an electronic copy of our brochure or for more information about our capabilities in this area, please contact us.

Training Seminars, Conferences and Workshops [up]

Training Seminars and Workshops

We have conducted numerous interactive workshops and seminars covering many aspects across many industries including production drivers, quality parameters, industry uses, price influencers, supply chain, and commercial practices. Additionally we have conducted workshops specific to the client’s industry and needs. Participants obtain knowledge and information to be used as tools in developing strategic business plans. Our consultants have made presentations at domestic conferences, international conferences, and private industry meetings.

Presentations are made both in conuction with client studies or on a stand-alone basis.

We offer customized courses in:

  • General risk assessment and analysis
  • Investment risk model building and use
  • Technology performance risk model building and use
  • R&D portfolio optimization risk model building and use
  Risk Analysis Courses

Additionally we have given numerous presentations concerning refining, green petroleum coke, calcined petroleum coke, and coal tar pitch.


As part of our continuing efforts to provide valuable information to our clients and select market participants, Jacobs Consultancy hosts an annual, non-affiliated petroleum coke conference and reception. At this two-day conference, we bring together the industry’s leading experts in the anode-grade and fuel-grade petroleum coke markets.   Petcoke Conference

The Jacobs Consultancy Annual Petcoke Conference is an opportunity for market participants from various industries to freely exchange views on technical and market-oriented matters. Sessions have focused on the following issues: availability, production and quality of green and calcined petroleum coke; factors affecting future petcoke production; fuel-grade applications; freight markets, refinery trends, cement, and power industry opportunities for petcoke usage; and world economic trends.

Due to the fast growing coke industry in Asia, in 2010, Jacobs Consultancy held its first Asian Annual Petcoke Conference. The conference, held in various cities in the Eastern region of the world, addresses high level topics that provides insights into the new challenges for the increasingly dynamic global market.    Asian Petcoke Conference

Energy Sector Analysis Publications [up] 

The Petroleum, Chemicals & Energy Practice offers its clients studies and reports related to crude oil and refined products, petrochemicals, petroleum coke, and other energy sources and products. These studies and reports are published through a subscription service on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis. Subscriptions available include:

The Hodson Report — this monthly report, in its third decade of publication, provides a comprehensive review of the U.S. butadiene situation and steam cracker operations. Includes plant-by-plant information compiled from ethylene producers, butadiene producers and consumers, and traders. Subscribers login here to access the Hodson Report (password required).

Global Ethylene and Propylene Competitiveness Report — is the first monthly subscription publication to address the fully supply chain costs for ethylene and propylene value chain in terms of its key derivatives such as polyethylene (PE), mono ethylene glycol (MEG) and polypropylene (PP). Subscribers login here to access the Global Ethylene and Propylene Competitiveness Report (password required).

Contact us to subscribe to either of these reports.

Petroleum Coke Reports

Jacobs Consultancy's Petroleum Coke group also offers reports available by subscription. Please contact us for more information about these subscriptions and reports or visit www.petcokes.com    Carbon Group
  • Pace Petroleum Coke Quarterly — an authoritative, objective analysis for the petroleum coke industry through monthly, quarterly, and special supplementary reports.
  • Coal Tar Pitch Report — semi-annual analysis focusing on the worldwide coal tar and coal tar pitch markets. Includes pricing, transportation and market sections; current industry information; and an overview of crude steel and metallurgical coke production.
  • Calcined Petroleum Coke Annual Report — offers a detailed analysis of current and projected global market conditions that drive this industry, as well as provides insight into pivotal factors that could impact the supply/demand balance.


For more information please contact us.

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