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When considering investment in a refinery, petrochemical facility, gas processing plant, or electric power production facility, major international investment firms, individual companies, and private investors come to Advisian. As part of our investment assignments, our services include:


Due Diligence and Asset Assessment [up] 

When considering an investment in a facility, the investor needs a degree of assurance that the investment is a sound decision. We assist investors by providing due diligence services that seek to identify business risks through a comprehensive review process encompassing some or all of the following key determinants of business performance:

Business Operations

  • Validation of client’s financial model for target facility and proposed projects
  • New project assessments
  • Safety performance and safety procedure
  • Human resource issues
  • Status of operating permits
  • Key contractual documents and obligations
  • Environmental compliance with applicable state, province, country or World Bank regulations

refinery projectPhysical Assets

  • Valuation of assets
  • Assessment of plant operating performance
  • Assessment of historic downtime and analysis of unplanned outages
  • Schedule for catalyst replacements and turnarounds
  • Inspection and operating reports for major equipment items
  • Plant inspection and asset condition check
  • Maintenance program and implementation of maintenance program


  • Assessment of historic and forecast global, regional or local supply/demand situation and trade flows
  • Forecast feedstock and product price
  • Assessment of target company’s economic competitiveness within industry
  • Review impact of anticipated structural or regulatory changes in market

Our extensive background in both technical and financial aspects of the petroleum, chemicals and energy industries is invaluable when determining the viability of a project that may require significant capital commitment.

We also understand that project turnaround is critical. Investment decisions require immediate, defendable answers, so our staff is dedicated to working according to a client’s schedule while delivering accurate and valuable insight.

Market, Technical & Risk Advisor [up] 

We provide market, technical and risk advisory services for developers, financial institutions, utilities, equity participants, law firms, and public agencies. Our standing as a pre-eminent advisory firm is derived from years of building and maintaining teams of industrial experts who possess exceptional experience and wide technical and business knowledge.

We provide a complete range of market, technical and risk advisory services:

  • Project viability assessment and bankable reports
  • Construction oversight
  • Acceptance, testing, and start-up
  • Quarterly and annual operations and maintenance reporting

Investment & Business Risk Management [up] 

Making good capital investment decisions is becoming increasingly important and has never been more difficult. We help clients critically evaluate the viability of investment options before any significant capital allocations are made. Our quantitative risk and decision analysis gives corporate decision-makers better estimates of potential project value. It produces higher value decisions, and helps our clients understand and manage all reasonable potential risks.

We also provide technical and financial analysis and opinion to enable our clients to manage various aspects of their businesses, including asset acquisition and finance planning, asset performance, integrity compliance, and license to operate.



For more information on our capabilities in this area, please contact us.

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