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With the volatile cost of energy today, efficient energy use in existing plants is as important as planning energy choices in new facilities. Energy performance and fuel selection for revamps and new plant designs will have a major impact on operating costs, capital costs, and operating security.

We have an extensive track record of helping our clients achieve world-class energy performance, particularly in energy-intensive sectors such as oil refining, petrochemicals, and power generation. In certain industrial sectors, such as power generation, we have helped European governments develop benchmarks for energy efficiency performance that can be applied throughout the industry to reward the top performers and encourage poorer performers to improve.

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Our consultants have worked worldwide with many large energy-intensive industrial sites to assist them in developing long-term energy reduction plans to reduce carbon-dioxide (CO2) emissions. We also have been involved in considering the carbon footprint of alternative fuels for our clients.

Advisian Downstream & Market Services can assist clients improve energy performance within a refinery, a petrochemical facility or other process industries. Our knowledge and proven capabilities provide a sound basis for evaluating the energy situation of an individual company or a given industry. We have developed comprehensive services for companies contemplating new facilities or investigating energy conservation potential in existing plants. These services include a methodology for evaluating alternate-fuel systems for new plants and a system of energy management for all facilities, as well as energy audits and project development for reducing energy costs.

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Our Experience
From our extensive experience in process engineering, we offer a complete range of services designed to optimize a company's energy use.

Engineering simulation and process studies — Classic design techniques, coupled with experience and creativity, can provide energy savings in the range of 10-15 percent for typical processing units. Some examples of these services include:

  • Vent and waste stream design
  • Network analysis and optimization
  • Power/steam cycle analysis
  • Pinch
  • Fractionation
  • Linear programming (LP)

Energy conservation and management — We help our customers implement energy conservation and management practices to achieve maximum efficiency in the use of energy as part of their day-to-day operations. Examples of these services include:

  • Energy audits and workshops
  • Energy reporting systems
  • Energy control systems
  • Improved process heat recovery

Feedstock Optimization (Product Blending, Simulation and Optimization)

Advisian Downstream & Market Services roots in refinery consulting can be traced back to refinery simulation tools, including linear programming (LP) and process simulations. Significant value for our clients is realized when we integrate our analytical techniques with highly experienced consultants to identify opportunities, assess risks, and provide solutions for the refining industry.

We develop expert refinery LP models, and is a licensed user in GRTMPSTM, PIMSTM, and PetroPlanTM. We also utilize HCAMSTM for crude assay development. Our LP experts have significant experience in developing models for the downstream industry.

We have developed a variety of in-house, proprietary kinetic and empirical models. The aggregate of these tools gives us the capability to accurately simulate and optimize overall refinery operations and specific process operations. Our team of consultants, coupled with these sophisticated modeling tools, allows us to thoroughly and effectively analyze complex problems.
Over the years, we have used our refining simulation expertise to complete numerous single-client and multi-client studies covering a broad range of issues:

  • Regulatory analysis and strategies to cope with CARB, RFG, EPA complex model, low sulfur gasoline, anti-backsliding, MSAT2 (low benzene), MTBE phase-out, ULSD and ethanol blending
  • Configuration analysis
  • Canadian crude upgrading and advantaged crude analysis
  • Decision risk analysis and Monte Carlo simulation
  • Local, regional, and worldwide supply/demand issues
  • Crude valuation, feedstock selection, and product optimization
  • Crude market penetration analysis
  • Gasoline blending audits and analyses
  • Refinery valuation analysis
  • Multi-refinery integration studies and synergy analysis
  • Merger, joint venture, and acquisition analysis
  • Refinery and petrochemical integration
  • world graphRefinery economics, and optimization strategies and improvements
  • Trading
  • Capital planning
  • Tank farm optimization
  • Project development and support
  • LP audits and model updates
  • Feasibility assessment
  • Investment assistance


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