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Asset Management involves the application of consistent and structured strategies designed to increase asset reliability and systems.  Asset Management is an essential requirement to achieve world-class performance at any manufacturing facility.  Identifying and embracing the best practices in Asset Management enables businesses to acquire, operate and sustain the right assets at the right time to deliver the business goals.


Applying Asset Management strategies and methodologies enables businesses, asset owners, operators and other stakeholders to:

• Deliver the desired asset function and service level;
• Optimise the whole-life cost of the Asset;
• Understand and manage risk;
• Ensure sustainable performance.

Strategic Business Plan

We have developed an Asset Management Model that uses methodologies deliver Asset Management best practices required to extract maximum value from the company’s physical assets while maintaining safe, reliable operations and minimizing overall maintenance costs.

Asset Management Model [up] 

Our experience has shown that to become a top-tier performer in Asset Management, Reliability and Maintenance, an operating facility needs a comprehensive approach that depends on the integration of People, Processes, and Plant.  In addition, the elements affecting the performance of the asset through its total life cycle must be considered.
Our Asset Management Model includes all the components required to optimize the asset life-cycle performance.

Asset Managment Model

Our objective is to work collaboratively to deliver selected solutions to optimise
performance, cost and risk
whilst achieving safety, compliance and integrity throughout the life of the asset.

Asset Management Consulting Services [up] 

We provide specialization in the assessment and performance improvement development of all aspects of Asset Management, including business performance improvement strategies for both new investment and operating facilities.

We offer extensive consulting support across a broad range of areas including:
• Asset Management Strategy Development
• Assessment, Gap Analysis and Performance Improvement Planning
• Endorsed Assessor for PAS-55
• Life Cycle Analysis & Optimization
• Business Impact Analysis (including RAM and WLC)
• Asset Integrity Management and Assurance
• Defect Elimination and Management
• Incident Investigation and RCA
• Operations and Maintenance Optimization
• Maintenance Strategy and Workflow Delivery
• Turnaround Business Strategy
• Turnaround Management Process
Asset Managment Facility

Approach [up] 

We use a phased approach to develop and deliver solutions and benefit to our clients:

This structured approach allows the complex issues related to performance improvement to be understood and controlled in an efficient manner.  Each of the phases is briefly described below:

AM 3 Phase Model
• Phase 1: Assess
Assessment of current performance including planning, delivery, organizational structure, management alignment and personnel engagement.  Our methodology incorporates onsite meetings, field observations, performance data review, and various analytical techniques for screening.  A gap analysis of best practices is performed and key performance metrics assessed.

• Phase 2: Strategy
Workshop sessions with the senior leadership team to develop the strategy for implementation.  Consideration is given to other ongoing initiatives, together with other constraints which will effect implementation.  A tailored Improvement Plan (or “Road Map”) defines the implementation activities, timing and resources for delivery.

• Phase 3: Implement
The Road Map is delivered by establishing a Delivery Team for the various components of the plan.  Focus teams are formed and made accountable for delivering specific tasks.  Performance monitoring and support systems are established to achieve sustainable benefits.

We focus on achieving sustainable Asset Management improvements by developing solutions in collaboration with our clients, demonstrating the recommended methodology, and coaching to transfer skills and knowledge.

Our approach is to tailor our Asset Management services by fostering strong and mutually beneficial relationships with our clients, and providing input to capital investment and work processes.

Why Us?

We provide value to our clients by focusing our Asset Management services on issues which deliver business profitability. Our offering is unique because:

•  We deliver solutions aimed at business performance;
•  We bring best practices from across many industries and from around the globe;
•  We apply selected and tailored modules from our AM Delivery Model;
•  We use implementation strategies to transfer best practices to our clients to achieve sustainable benefits;
•  We use a mix of specialists with technical and practical experience from across industries.

For more information on our capabilities in this area, please contact us.

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