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Environmental and Sustainability Planning

Managing environmental and social impacts is essential for businesses, lenders and governments regardless of sector and geography. Whether driven by compliance under national legislation or international standards and treaties, today all organizations are accountable for identifying and managing the impacts associated with their operations.

We work with our clients to assure such compliance, but our services go beyond compliance. We believe that the proactive management of environmental and social impacts and wider sustainability performance can help organizations accrue additional benefits and opportunities.

Our environment and sustainability services span a range of strategic areas and our advice makes a positive difference to our clients. Our consultants provide depth of experience across many sectors, regulatory and operational, ensuring that our clients benefit from expert knowledge, opinion and innovative solutions. Advisian provides support in a wide range of environmental areas, including:

   Sustainability Strategies 

Sustainability [up]

We seek to drive financial growth for our clients through responsible management. This means addressing the external impacts of operating and growing a business on the environment, community and economy, and developing robust internal communication and change management strategies to help an organization integrate sustainability into their core business. 


Environmental Due Diligence [up] 

Organizations, whether it be private companies, funding banks, developers and government organizations areall susceptible to exposure on the cost and liabilities associated with environmental and social risks when investing, undertaking mergers, acquisitions and divestments. Advisian assesses the environmental and social risks associated with transactions across a broad range of sectors, both from a national and international perspective, including a review of project environmental and social impact assessments.  We are experienced in assessing projects against the requirements of the Equator Principles and the environmental and social safeguard policies of other multi-lateral lending institutions and commercial lenders.

  Due Diligence

Environmental Regulatory Compliance [up] 

Environmental compliance both national and international is an important issue for all business and investors.  During the design of a new project, we can support by providing advice on the national planning and permitting requirements and theenvironmental and social safeguard policies prescribed by multi-lateral lenders and commercial banks.  We can undertake environmental permit applications and environmental and social impact assessments.  Through construction and operation we can provide on-going assessment of environmental compliance through site audits and review performance against permit requirements.   

  Regulatory Compliance

Environmental Risk Assessment [up] 

All companies are susceptible to exposure on the cost and liabilities of environmental risk, particularly with the ever changing and on-going developments in environmental legislation, policy and best practice guidance. Advisian is experienced in assessing and measuring environmental and social risk and we work closely with our clients to mitigate identified risks. We can provide action plans with monitorable benchmarks and sensible timescales to ensure on-going risk mitigation and performance improvements.   Environmental Risk Assessment

Environmental Management [up] 

We have worldwide capability in environmental hazard identification and assessment, air dispersion and odour modelling, waste minimisation and management, land contamination risk assessment and management, emission monitoring assessment and improvement.  We regularly share our experiences with our clients through offering training and auditing and provision of advice on environmental management systems.

  Environmental Management1

Energy Management [up] 

We have worldwide capability in energy management, energy efficiency assessments and improvement identification.  We can enable clients to implement technically and financially feasible cost effective measures for improving energy efficiency with a focus on those areas which are considered core business activities.  

  Energy Management 1

Best Available Technique (BAT) Assessment [up] 

Within the European Union the operational consent process is founded on the principles of BAT.  These principles are now widely adopted internationally. At Advisian we advise on BAT for a wide range of sectors and technologiesto ensure clients are achieving environmental, economic and technological enhancement through adopting the BAT for their operations. We have enabled clients to optimize their operations resulting in costs savings and operational performance improvements via our BAT assessments around the world. 




 BAT 1 

 For more information on our capabilities in this area, please contact us.

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