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5 fun ways to get involved with Earth Day

How will you make your mark on Earth Day? Protecting the environment is more important than ever.

Did you know humans use up to 50 percent more natural resources than the Earth can provide? We’re using these resources at such an unstainable pace that we may be irreversibly depleting some of them, and critically damaging our world in the process, according to a United Nations report.

Celebrate Earth Day by making a simple change in your life that will have a positive impact on the environment, or you can become a champion for change, inspiring those around you to take action. Try one of our favorites!

  1. Spread the word. Education is the foundation for progress. Empower others with the knowledge to inspire action! The CH2M team in Fort Campbell, Kentucky, got involved in a great Earth Day event – showing kids and parents alike what it takes to provide OM Services to the Army base. The CH2M team encouraged children and their parents to sign an Earth Day pledge to conserve energy and resources, and to do their part to help save our planet.


  2. Volunteer. Check out what your community is doing to give back to the planet on Earth Day! At our global headquarters, Denver employees will host an annual Spring RiverSweep on Earth Day to pick up trash, remove weeds and plant debris, repair trails, paint park fixtures and get Colorado parks ready for summer!

  3. Give up bottled water. Giving up bottled water isn’t always easy. For a lot of us, bottled water is a home and office mainstay, but throwing out plastic water bottles is doing a lot of harm to our Earth. According to estimates, there will be the same amount of plastic in the oceans as there are fish by 2050! At CH2M, we’re committed to living sustainably – so when we started work with a new client we saw the opportunity to make a positive change. From June to October, our client’s employees consumed 38,000 bottles of water. With client approval, one CH2M environmental manager gave a light-hearted presentation to employees about water consumption. She set a goal to reduce the number of bottles by 10 percent by April 30 and she is well on her way!

  4. Plant something. Being green can be as simple as digging in the dirt. Or put forth a little extra effort and make it a community event! In Milwaukee, Wisconsin, one CH2M employee worked with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to help restore an area park. While on site, our employee observed the land was a socioeconomically-challenged food desert, or an area that lacks readily available fruit, vegetables and other foods for purchase. She and other community supporters initiated a seed swap to exchange plant seeds, and to train community members how to plant gardens.

  5. Decrease your carbon footprint. Opt to hop on your bike instead of driving to work. In 2016, our Glasgow, United Kingdom office achieved the “Cycle Friendly Employer of the Year” award from Cycling Scotland. CH2M offered employees the chance to lease a bike, affordably, and as a result we saw a 14 percent increase in the number of people taking advantage of the program. Or take advantage of this quick-and-easy hack – watch what you print! By avoiding printing when possible we saved 1,087 trees!

Let’s treat every day like Earth Day! Download this tip sheet highlighting fun ways to get involved on Earth Day! We do our part as citizens of the world, putting intense effort into managing our own impacts on people and the planet. For us, sustainability is an urgent responsibility and an inspiring opportunity. Learn more about our commitment to sustainability.