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CH2M to Lead Colorado Road Usage Charge Pilot Research Study

The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) has selected CH2M as prime consultant to lead Colorado's Road Usage Charge (RUC) Pilot Research Study.

The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) has selected CH2M as prime consultant to lead Colorado’s Road Usage Charge (RUC) Pilot Research Study. The comprehensive study will provide a platform for the state’s legislators and transportation officials to make informed decisions as to the feasibility of this innovative infrastructure financing program, whereby drivers are charged for their equitable share of using the road network verses being charged by fuel consumption.

CDOT’s goals for the pilot research study are to:

  • create a collaborative environment in which legislators, CDOT administrators, policy-makers and thought leaders can experience elements of an operational RUC system;
  • identify and evaluate issues related to potential implementation;
  • test the feasibility of various mileage-measurement technologies in Colorado;
  • solicit feedback and ideas for potential future system designs from pilot participants; and
  • identify additional issues for assessment.

With headquarters in Colorado, CH2M is uniquely qualified to lead the study as the only consultant in the industry to successfully plan, develop, design, test, manage and roll out an RUC program in the U.S. The company supported all aspects of the Oregon Department of Transportation’s RUC Pilot Program as well as the deployment planning for the statewide program, OReGO.

Said CH2M Project Manager Mike Warren, “As a citizen of Colorado, I look forward to working with our study partners to investigate innovative transportation funding solutions that support CDOT’s mission of providing the best multi-modal transportation system for the state.”

This RUC contract award follows CH2M’s selection by the California Department of Transportation to conduct a comprehensive independent evaluation of the California Road Charge Pilot Program—a 5,000-person volunteer program for assessing the feasibility of RUC in America’s most populous state. 

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