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Seven tips to help you find your dream job

Looking to make that big professional leap? Here are seven tips to help you along the way.

Whether at the start of a career or further down the professional path, we’re all looking for our dream job: the right job that meets both our professional goals and personal needs. It can feel overwhelming and absolutely impossible at times, but finding your dream job is not beyond your grasp.

Looking to make that big professional leap? Here are seven tips to help you along the way.

1. Build your professional brand online

These days, it’s crucial to have a professional online presence, even if you’re not actively thinking about moving jobs. Having a resume or CV on an industry job board or a LinkedIn profile helps to validate who you are, both personally and professionally. It makes it much easier for you to be found by prospective employers, increasing the chance of that dream job coming your way.

2. Follow the company of your dreams

Once you’ve established yourself online, find your dream companies’ social media pages and follow them. On LinkedIn, employer profiles give job seekers a sense of the organization’s work, corporate culture, values and goals. At CH2M, our LinkedIn page  is the source for our biggest news: from innovative and challenging projects to employee stories about their time with us and profiles on our recruitment team members. The same goes for our other social media platforms, like Twitter and Facebook, so be sure to engage with us and your other dream organizations there too.

Most recruiters tap into their company’s social media followers as the first and easiest route to finding talent. Follow and interact with the company, and you stand a much better chance of ending up on the approach list.

3. Get found

Fact: in-house recruiters get inundated with responses, many of which don’t fit the profile or meet the needs of the role. This means that recruiters often need to be proactive in seeking out the right person for the job. Want to be found? Make sure your profile is current. Consider adding project links, awards, new qualifications, training, skills, recommendations and endorsements. You can also tailor your profile to include some of the keywords found in job postings you find interesting. Recruiters may have an easier time finding you in their searches and could reach out sooner as a result.

4. Make a (thoughtful) noise

Don’t just work in your industry – get involved in it. Join a LinkedIn group geared toward your professional colleagues and network with them. Attend in-person events and try to connect with at least three people. Find industry-related news stories online and share them with your internet peers. Write a thought provoking piece related to your field or just complement someone else’s attempt. Join the conversation, even in a small way, and you could be the person a recruiter thinks of first when a position opens.

5. Get some guidance

Really want to grow your career? Think about approaching someone with a request for mentoring. Many of the most successful industry leaders appreciate being able to pass on their knowledge and help others in their careers. Connecting on a deeper level with a professional that you admire will help inspire and inform the next steps in your career, as well as enrich theirs. 

6. Stay in touch

Many companies allow you to sign up for notifications to let you know when your dream position finally opens. At CH2M, our job alerts will give you the chance to hear about new positions that fit your skills and interests the moment they become available. You can also sign up for our talent network newsletter to keep tabs on our business news, find links to jobs and read profiles about our people.

7. Apply smartly

Once you learn about an exciting job opportunity, get your application in quickly. Being the first one to arrive is never embarrassing in the job market, as long as your application is well put together and relevant. Proofread your documents and take time to show that you care. Also, try not to apply to every position a company has to offer, or it’ll look like you’re unfocused and don’t feel passionate about a particular job. Make sure you pick the right role for your skills and experiences, and that these are clear and easy to see on your application.

Think of it as an investment in your professional future. With a little extra focus and dedication on your part now, you’ll be well on your way to a unique, impactful position that could ultimately change the course of your career. What are you waiting for?

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