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A summer internship experience with CH2M

Read about what our recent NSBE intern, Warren Lee, has to say about his experience working with CH2M.

As a firm, we are committed to furthering our diversity footprint globally. We are constantly looking to mold the minds of future engineers, project managers and more.

We undertake several initiatives under the global future talent program to not just provide opportunities to experience our industry but also experience the unique differences between our countries/ regions where we operate. One such program is our global summer internship program which has been recently awarded the best internship program in the world by InternX. The program is available to participate in across all our countries and time zones. We try to ensure that the experience is holistic and gives the student a unique understanding of how his/her skills fit within a diverse company such as outs. It’s our ultimate hope that the students we train and educate stay within the industry, putting their newly-acquired skills to work!

CH2M works closely with the National Society of Black Engineers, a student-governed organization dedicated to increasing the number of black engineers who excel academically, to succeed professionally and positively impact the community. Read about what our recent NSBE intern, Warren Lee, has to say about his experience working with CH2M.

“The experience I’ve gained from my summer internship with CH2M is invaluable! At the start of the internship, I was able to work in all divisions of the Johns Creek, Georgia, Public Works department. I had a weekly schedule, which allowed me to rotate between traffic engineering, transportation engineering, construction management, utility management, land development and other departments. After getting experience in every division, I was able to select a few departments to specialize my focus. I chose transportation engineering, traffic engineering and utility permitting.

In transportation, I learned how to design various roadway projects, which included Florida-T intersections, roundabouts, road-widening and multi-use trails. In traffic engineering, I learned CENTRACS, a software used to control our traffic signals and Intelligent Transportation System. I also gained skills in signal timing and design. This design work exposed me to the state and federal design standards, which expanded my knowledge and allowed me to excel in classwork.

But the mentorship I received from my manager allowed me to take away the most from this internship. My manager worked to adjust her teaching methods to coincide with the way I learn best. She has definitely played a pivotal role in my current and future success.

It was truly a homerun experience working in CH2M’s Operations Management Services department. I was able to see my hard work directly affect the residents of Johns Creek. There’s nothing more rewarding than talking to the community and being thanked for the work CH2M has done.

Lastly, I am very thankful CH2M recognizes the importance of diversity. Being able to talk to different colleagues who share their stories of being in the NSBE is truly inspiring. I am thankful CH2M recognizes an organization like NSBE since it created the opportunity for me to work in an exceptional company.” – Warren Lee.

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