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Water For People Donations Power Fight Against COVID-19

Want to make a difference during these times? Look no further than our longstanding partner, Water For People.

Want to make a difference during these times? Look no further than our longstanding partner, Water For People. The organization is one of five featured in a recent New York Times column by two-time Pulitzer Prize winner, Nicholas Kristof introducing the C-19 Impact Initiative.

The initiative, created to highlight organizations like Water For People, who are fighting on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic, is also encouraging support and donations to aid in the organizations’ continued plans to solve for a better future.

And today, Water For People’s work to accelerate sustainable water and sanitation systems in communities around the globe is more impactful than ever.

“What’s interesting about this pandemic is that it has made our work mainstream. While it was hard to get people to pay attention to water, sanitation, hygiene and handwashing before – they do now. We are at the epicenter of breaking the transmission of disease in the work that we do,” says Water For People CEO Eleanor Allen.

“Handwashing is a community's first defense against the COVID-19 virus,” she continues. “But, 50% of health clinics globally don't have piped water service, and 39% don't have access to soap. That's where we come in.”

Water For People has identified and is planning to finish work at 273 health clinics, schools and other public institutions in nine countries across Africa, Latin America and India in 2020. Continued investment in the organization’s mission will ensure these clinics and public facilities are better-equipped to contain the spread of COVID-19 in some of the world's most vulnerable communities.

A partner of Water For People since its inception in 1991, Jacobs has donated more than $3 million and thousands of volunteer hours to help the nonprofit make their vision – a world where every person has access to reliable and safe drinking water and sanitation, forever – a reality. This year, Jacobs made an inaugural sponsor contribution of $467,230 toward Water For People’s Destination 2030 initiative, a 10-year effort to further aid in low - and middle-income countries achieving United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 6, the ensured availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all.

“Given that Jacobs was Water For People’s top corporate donor this past year through employee and company support, clearly our investment was very timely – not only for providing safe drinking water, but also in the fight against COVID-19,” says Steve Meininger, Jacobs vice president of Operations Management and Facilities Services and member of Water For People’s Leadership Council. 

“As the world continues to look for innovative and thoughtful ways to support response efforts, it’s inspiring to see Water For People in a much-deserved spotlight for the critical work they do,” he adds. “Both during this pandemic and once the recovery process begins, Water For People’s work to serve hundreds of healthcare and other public facilities across nine countries, as well with governments to improve handwashing and hygiene practices throughout local communities is a true bright spot for everyone, forever.”

Want to make an impact with Water For People? Donate here. And, if you’re looking for more Bright Spots to lighten your day, visit

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