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World’s Premier Global Space Event Attracts the Who’s Who of Space

Jacobs’ presentations, latest innovations and technologies will be featured at the 70th annual International Astronautical Congress (IAC), October 21-25 in Washington D.C.

Jacobs is participating in the 70th annual International Astronautical Congress (IAC) in Washington D.C. at Walter E. Washington Convention Center, being held October 21-25. #IAC2019, hosted by the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA), attracts more than 4,000 participants across the global space sector every year. As a significant sponsor of the world’s largest space congress, Jacobs also is participating in a wide variety of briefings, forums, panel discussions and technical presentations.

Download a full list of Jacobs’ participation and presentations at IAC 2019

In 2019, humanity is celebrating the 50th anniversary of a feat once thought impossible: humans walking on the moon.

This year, the International Astronautical Congress (IAC) will commemorate that “one giant leap for mankind,” the 50th anniversary of humans walking on the moon, and celebrate the international accomplishments and partnerships that have become the hallmarks of space exploration.

The lunar landings have inspired the global community to engage in space in increasingly collaborative ways, which is reflected in the IAC 2019 theme, “Space: The Power of the Past, the Promise of the Future.”

The theme also reflects the momentum building in support of NASA’s Artemis program, which aims to return humans to the Moon by 2024, preparing the way for human missions to Mars. IAC will bring together people from across the globe who have been involved in some of the most pivotal space endeavors driving launch, flight and mission success. Among those participants will be Jacobs technical experts, scientists and thought leaders who work with NASA and support some of the biggest space-related breakthroughs and accomplishments of our day – including ones on the brink of that next giant leap.

Innovative solutions for driving launch, flight and mission success

For more than 70 years, Jacobs has provided integrated solutions to help solve the complex challenges of space exploration. With a global web of resources and more than 5,000 employees supporting multiple NASA centers, other government users and industry partners around the U.S., we’re able to stay steps ahead to provide innovative solutions with unmatched capability for continued scientific discovery and deep space exploration.

At IAC 2019, you can expect nearly 200 technical sessions, daily plenary sessions, panel discussions and special events that will inspire global innovations in space. The Congress provides a distinct opportunity for Jacobs to highlight capabilities, advancements and leadership to a wide audience, through our exhibits (booth #624), briefings, forums, panel discussions and technical presentations.

Jacobs program participants, IAC 2019

October 23

Program session: Enabling the Future – Developing the Space Workforce

Jacobs’ Dr. Steven Dunn will present “Workforce for the Future Development of Space Access Vehicles.” The development of advanced vehicles that will travel to and from planetary surfaces with atmospheres requires the availability of experimental and computational capabilities to support new flight systems. This presentation will focus on the challenges, opportunities and innovative approaches to developing the current and future global space workforce required for the future development of space access vehicles.

Global Networking Forum

Jacobs’ Dr. Jennifer Edmunson will join "We Are Going, and the Technologies to Get us There," a panel discussion on exploration technology. The renewed focus on lunar exploration by the U.S. will require significant technology investments to make it affordable and sustainable. Specifically, utilization of resources found on the Moon will be a critical enabler in cost savings and reduced mass lift requirements of future sustainable exploration. This panel will explore In-Situ Resource Utilization technology as it enables lunar and Mars crewed exploration. Earlier this year, Jennifer shared insight into how this technology is leading the way for in-space manufacturing and 3D-printed habitats on Mars and other locations closer to home on

NASA STEM Engagement College Live Broadcast

Jacobs’ crawler driver and mechanical engineer Breanne Stichler will join “NASA STEM Presents, Space & STEM: Where Do You Fit In?,” a live interactive panel discussion with NASA senior leadership and young professionals on work being done to support Artemis and Moon to Mars missions, and how students fit in. Stream live on: NASA TV, Facebook, Twitter/Periscope and YouTube, and don’t miss this story on Breanne’s journey as one of just a handful of NASA crawler drivers.

October 24

Program Session: Astrobiology and Exploration

Jacobs’ Yo-Ann Velez Justiniano will share “Bioreduction of Solid Rocket Motors for Planetary Protection.” Solid rocket propulsion systems have been used for in-space applications including planetary exploration missions for many years. A critical requirement of these missions is the prevention of accidental transportation of Earth's microbes to these environments. This presentation will focus on new techniques for biological burden reduction including current experimental results.  

Program Session: Small Launchers: Concepts and Operations

Jacobs’ Timothy Kibbey will present “Principles from 2 Small SRM-based Launcher Design/Developments.” Two Solid Rocket Motor-based launch vehicles are in design and development at Marshall Space Flight Center, a four-stage Earth-to-Orbit vehicle cube-satellite launcher, and the two-stage Mars Ascent Vehicle for the Mars sample return mission. This presentation will highlight trade studies that refined these designs and benefited from developments in understanding sensitivities and approximate modeling.

With the theme of “The Power of the Past, the Promise of the Future”, IAC 2019 will bring together all space players to discuss the technology, capabilities and the future that humanity has in space from the Moon to Mars, to deep space. As we celebrate the amazing achievements of the past 50 years, we look to many exciting accomplishments that await in the next 50.

Can’t make it to IAC? Download our brochure guide to discover how Jacobs is transforming big ideas into intelligent solutions for a more connected, sustainable world.